A comprehensive estate plan can minimize taxes, provides asset protection, and most importantly ensures that the decisions you have made regarding your health care, the distribution and management of your assets, and care of your minor children will be handled according to your direction, by individuals or entities you choose, and not according to a Court or the IRS. The documents in a complete estate plan provide you control when you would otherwise lose it, specifically during incapacitation and at death.

An Estate Planning Law Firm may prevent your assets from going through probate court, which can be a long and expensive process that often brings division to a family. A comprehensive estate plan may include Tax Planning, Revocable or Irrevocable Trusts, a Will, a Power of Attorney for assets and financial matters, and a Health Care Declaration. The Health Care Declaration includes a Health Care Directive and Power of Attorney for health care matters. Please contact our law firm to learn more about how each document works within a complete estate plan, and how they can work individually outside of a complete estate plan.

Whether you are interested in a comprehensive estate plan or just a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney or Health Care Directive, the attorneys at the David M. Lowe Law Firm will provide custom documents and advice tailored to your specific family situation and desires regarding the distribution and control of assets, care of minor children and care of yourself.